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Distributionboard manufacturing

The MNT Systems Ltd., by the side of electrical plannig and construction, puts a high premium of the switchboard manufacturing sector’s continous development.

We contract:

  • 0,4 kV distributionboards (from simple home boards to the industrial (2 trunk) masterboards) to 3200 A
  • Switch cupboards
  • Controltechnical (AC) machines (controlboards, controltables)
  • Power transmission, installation machines 
  • 48 V DC distributionboards

Planning, manufacturing, assembling, local installation, service.

Our working process:

  • We do all working phase in connection with switchboards, devices, from planning, to manufacturing, and integrating, in our own. We can work on the basis of specific requirements, local inspection, or working drawings. 
  • Our colleagues have convenient qualification to make plans, drawings. We make drawings with AutoCad, and Eplan programs.
  • Our colleagues have a great deal of experience, they do the manufacturing, assembling works in our well equipped industrial unit.
  • Because of our industrial unit’s equipment, our colleagues’ great experience, and the old, harmonical connection with dealers, we can create our terms flexible, and costumer friendly.
  • The manufacturing process is done with strict quality control, by our colleagues. We examine our ready boards by testing unit, and we make the necessary measurements.

For our devices, we make:

  • Materialize drawing, plan
  • Compatibility declaration
  • Measurement report
  • Quality certificate
  • And we keep a record of documentation about planing, manufacturing works of our devices, then we archive, therefore, this documents are available for our costumers, partners.

Quality management

We provide:

  • CE certificate
  • MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001
  • MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005
  • Quality management certificate, introduction of ISO 28001:2006 is being process
  • For manufacturing we use most of all Schneider, Eaton, Schrack, Rittal materials.


We undertake 12 months basic guarantee for devices, we produced. However, if we do the manufacturing, and local installing too, the guarantee duration could rise.




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+36 26 525 151


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